Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Brief Diversion

You may have noticed a lack of recent posts about our boat project, and if you think it's because we haven't done anything lately, you're right. You see, it's almost time for our annual boyz trip pilgrimage. Every year over Memorial Day, Greg, two of our friends from high school and I go on an extended trip. The trips have varied tremendously over the years... sometimes we do long, self-contained downriver canoe trips, sometimes we do whitewater kayaking, occasionally more than the "core four" of us will go. Our trips have varied from three days to a week, and we have hit too many rivers to count. We started out taking these trips over Labor Day weekend, but changed to Memorial Day a few years back when we figured out that the water levels are generally higher this time of year.

This year, we will be travelling to North-Central Wisconsin and doing a self-contained island-hopping lake canoe trip, utilizing the canoes we built a couple of years ago. To add to the adventure, Greg and I are temporarily converting our individual canoes into a catamaran sailing vessle. We're going to a brand new area, doing a variation on our trip that we haven't really done before, and trying a new feat of engineering. This should explain the lack of progress on the main project. We've been planning the trip, and working on the rig that will convert our paddle-powered canoes into a wind-powered catamaran.

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