Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Second First Coat

Last week we saw the results of our first coat of paint and were not pleased. Lots of lines in the paint. Greg decided to sand the paint smooth and start again. This time around, things look better, and we've agreed not to do any more sanding until the second-to-last coat is applied. This way we have a build-up of paint. Next week, another coat.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

No More Sanding

That's not exactly true, but it feels good so say it and mean it... at least in this context. Yes folks, Greg finally said "good enough" and decided it was time to paint. In a desire to support this decision (and get a coat of paint on the boat before he changed his mind), we did a rare Saturday session. Between the final round of sanding (a quick but thorough sanding of both transoms and sides with 220-grit sandpaper), prepping the surface, mixing the paint, and the roll and tip process, we put in roughly four hours.

We had the little Ozzlet there to help us out. She's a great little photographer, and she also helped us prep the surface, paint a little of the hull (rolling, not tipping) and she watched Greg's girls.

On Tuesday (our regularly scheduled boatbuilding day), we will do some light sanding as needed and apply a second coat of paint. We're planning to flip the boat sometime between late November and mid-December.

I know we'll be doing some touch-up sanding between coats, and I understand that we'll be doing another round of sanding and fairing when we build the deck and cabin, but it shouldn't be quite as long and arduous as the hull. I can't describe how gratifying it is to be out of sanding and fairing hell.

I have several more pictures here...

Or, you can view the slideshow here.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fair-ly Short Session

We didn't paint any more this week because we were short of the 220 grit sandpaper needed for topcoats. So we did some more sanding and fairing on the port side. It was okay because we saw an immediate payoff, because there are progressively fewer spots to handle, and each spot is progressively smaller. We're hoping to have her painted and flipped sometime in December.